Making Meetings More Productive

Engage and Ensure Accountable of Attendees

How many of you have attended meetings where there is no format, it overruns and there does not seem to be any outcomes? I am suspecting at least 65% of you reading this. Meetings can be so more productive and engaging if a simple format is followed, please see below.  The format should then be the same for all meetings and it should then become normal/cultural.

The way to make meetings more productive and engage and ensure accountability of attendees is to follow a simple format AS Follows:-
  • Start on time and keep to the scheduled meeting time
  • Either stand or sit in a circle, this will give focus. Sitting around a table does not evoke attention
  • Set the scene – give a positive statement at the beginning and at the end of the meeting
  • Have an agenda, which should be published to attendees before the meeting
  • Ensure that everyone understands that they will need to attend and have prepared for the meeting
  • Don’t procrastinate on the minutes from the past meeting. Go through the action points and find out where everyone is to ensure that there is accountability
  • If someone cannot attend, they should send an update of their actions, this should be the normal protocol
  • Encourage everyone to be an active participant, this will give focus
  • Take notes – short minutes with assigned action and deadline for completion are imperative to ensure momentum
  • Publicise meeting etiquette e.g. No interruptions or side meetings, turn mobile phone off, apologies if a person cannot attend etc
  • Summarise conclusions and if there is a follow up meeting state the date and time of this
  • Send the brief meeting notes with actions assigned within two days of the meeting, also stating the date, time and where the next meeting is taking place

Below you will find some useful links regarding making meetings successful.

If you would like more information or guidance with the formatting of your meetings, please get in touch.






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